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CoalLog – The Australian Coal Logging Standard v1.1

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CoalLog is a coal logging standard which includes data entry sheets and standard code lookup tables for header, drilling, lithology and geotechnical data as well as a format for the transferal of this data.

VisualGeobase Template

Download : Visual Geobase CoalLog Template


The template is compliant with the CoalLog standard apart from the requuirement that a 'Project' field exists in the database tables. Import to and export from the specified formats is fully supported.
The database is loaded with the test data from the CoalLog Specification.
The CoalLog manual and templates are embedded as documents in the database.
For further information on the Visual Geobase data specification click here : data-format-specification

How to install

1. Download and install VisualGeobase : Install Visual Geobase

2. Download the CoalLog template and unzip the contained file to a folder : Visual Geobase CoalLog Template

3. Start Visual Geobase and click File-Database Connection Wizard


4. Select MSAccess as Data Source Type, and then browse to where you unzipped the template database.


5. Click 'Open'

6. Does this database use a system database for security = NO

7. Enter a name for the database settings file:


8. Select the appropriate table and field names (make sure these are correct) and click 'OK'.


9. Open the treeview to see the template boreholes and datasheets.


For further info on the use of Visual Geobase click here : Documentation

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