Compound Logging Codes

Using compound logging codes means that you are able to use a single logging code to to populate numerous fields with predefined entries. This is implementable across any type of datasheet. You may also assign any number of fields based on the logging code. The example below shows three fields populated from a single code entry.


This will work best if the fields to be populated are hierarchical. Fields with no entry for a specific code should have either a no classification symbol like '-' for example, or a space to prevent null entries being assigned to the fields.


Codes are stored in the CompoundLoggingCodes table, found on the Tables tree view, or under the 'User Tables' menu.


Compound codes are configured as illustrated below. In this example, when the code KDM is entered in the 'StratCode' field, the fields SuperGroup, Group, and Formation will be populated with Karoo, Dwyka and Mbizani respectively.


Results :

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