Create and Customise a Table

This short tutorial will show you how to create and customise a table for storing interval data.

Tables can be created to store pretty much any sort of data you choose to record, and there are a number of templates which you can modify to suit your requirements.

We will create an interval table to store RQD data that has measured over lithological intervals.

The first step it to create an interval tabel from a template. This with create a table with all of the required fields for the table being :

  • Project
  • hole_id
  • depth_from
  • depth_to
  • Tracking fields

Click the following menu :


And enter the new table name :


If you browse to, and open the table you should see the following:


Customising the table

To add a user defined field to the table click :


And enter the new fieldname and type :


Continue adding fields until you have all of the required fields, and then proceed to Entering Data.

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