Data Backup

The regular backing up of your database is essential. Server based systems should have a backup system put in place by the system administrator. However if you are using local databases on your computer, you need to back these up in case of system or hard drive failures.

Visual Geobase has an automated backup system which will make a backup of your database, every time you close or exit the database. To enable automatic backups, open a database and then click the Backup tab under Options.


By default the backup folder is My Documents/Visual Geobase Files/Backups. This folder should be changed to another folder, either on a server or other remote computer, or at least to another physical drive.

If the backup folder size exceeds the size limit specified, a warning will generated so that you can move some of the older backups to permanent backup.

N.B. Backup must be enable for each database that you are working with individually.

Tip. If you set the backup folder to be a compressed folder (folder properties - Advanced - Compress contents to save disk space) , then the backups will take up less disc space.

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