Demo Database

Copper Cobalt Demo Database

Download :

Notes : The demo database is a Copper-Cobalt dataset containing geology, stratigraphy, sampling and assay QC data

How to install

1. Download and install VisualGeobase : Install Visual Geobase

2. Download the demo database and unzip the database to a folder :

3. Start Visual Geobase and click Create a new connection to an existing Visual Geobase format database


4. Select MSAccess as Data Source Type, and then browse to where you unzipped the template database.


5. Click 'Open'

6. Does this database use a system database for security = NO

7. Enter a name for the database settings file as 'Cu Co Demo Database', and click Next


8. The default field and table names are fine so click 'OK'.


9. Open the treeview to see the boreholes and datasheets.


Tempate Borehole Log

Download the file below (Save Link As) and save it to My Documents/Visual Geobase Files on your computer.

Borehole Log Template

Using the demo database, the template will appear under 'Graphical Logs' on the Database Explorer tree. Double click to open and view the borehole.

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