Embedding Documents

Any type of document can be linked into your geological database so that information from a variety of sources is readily available. Examples may be:

  • Reports
  • Plans
  • Invoices
  • Site or core photographs
  • Specialist studies
  • etc etc etc…..

Documents may be either linked or embedded in the database itself. If a document or file is linked, the file path will be stored in the database only. Embedded documents are physically stored within the database itself, and can be extracted and viewed at any time. This may be set by clicking Tools-Options and selecting 'Embed Documents in Database'.


To add, view or remove a document, right click on the 'Documents' node on either the project or individual borehole level. Note that copies of the documents are stored and the original file is left in place, so deleting the document reference will not delete the original document.



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