Entering Data

Working with Datasheets

In the database explorer, under any borehole are the datasheets associated with that borehole. Double click any datasheet to open it.



Reorder Columns

Click Options - Reorder Columns and then drag the column names to your preferred order.


Entering Geology

Click on the Project cell and the hole_id cells and the correct entries will appear automatically

Double Click on the RockType cell and then click Add New Code.

For abbreviation use the short code and then the full word (e.g. SS and Sandstone). You can now type SS for sandstone.


On the Tools-Database-Add Default Rock Codes menu you can add a set of default codes. The full list of the defaults is here : Default Codes. These can be added to, amended or deleted as required.


Follow this link for some ideas on how to liven up your data entry :

Using legends on a datasheet.

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