Exporting Data

Visual Geobase can export data tables to .CSV, .XLS and .XLSX formats, either exporting an individual table, or the group of tables comprising a project.

Note that XLS format is limited to about 64000 lines, so rather use CSV or XLSX for larger datasets

It is also possible to export individual boreholes to a Borehole Exchange Format (.BXF) file, which is very useful for transferring a single borehole form one database to another. A application of this is to email new boreholes from a remote site for capture in a central database.

Export Single Table


Select the Project and Table and the export format.

Export Multiple Tables


The function will export all of the tables to a folder. Select the format and the destination folder. The tables are exported as individual files.

Export to Borehole Exchange Format

Select a borehole and then either use the main menu or right click. All data related to the borehole will be exported to a single file. This file can then be re-imported into another database. The file format is suitable for emailing.


Other Formats?

What are your requirements? Let me know : steve@visualgeobase.com

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