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The major change is a significant performance increase in the interface achieved by storing the database properties, rather that querying the datasource continually.

Version by Steve SavageSteve Savage, 03 Jun 2009 15:30
  • Minor fixes to borehole exchange format export.
  • Licence transfer for Metorex Ruashi Mine
Version by Steve SavageSteve Savage, 27 Mar 2009 05:47

Apart from a few minor upgrades, the major change in this version is the addition of cumulative deviation from assay mean and cumulative deviation from expected value graphs to the standards graphing functions, similar to those in RSG's QCAssure program. by Steve SavageSteve Savage, 18 Mar 2009 13:19

The following new features have been added:
The Find Sample function will now search all tables to find all refernces to a sample number.
A Match Samples function has been added to match assay results to sample intervals. This is done automatically when assay results are imported, but if sample numbers are added or changed subsequent to this, the function can be used to remathc the results to the intervals.

Version by Steve SavageSteve Savage, 06 Feb 2009 15:22

Minor interface upgrades and user addition

Version by Steve SavageSteve Savage, 04 Feb 2009 07:10

This release contains a few minor enhancements, and some site specific upgrades for Blue Ridge Platinum Mine

Version by Steve SavageSteve Savage, 29 Jan 2009 06:33

Below are a list of known installation issues and solutions.

1. The most common problem encountered is not installing all of the prerequisites before installing Visual Geobase. This will cause a variety of errors depending which operating system you are using. If you doubt that you have the correct version of the DotNet framework installed, rather uninstall all previous versions, and install the latest version.

2. Installation fails with a message box that says -'Contact the program vendor'.

The problem here is that the microsoft 'Click Once' installation settings have become corrupted, possibly due to a failed download. The solution here is to delete the folder "%userprofile%\Local Settings\Apps". Another problem that has been reported but I haven't experienced is similar to the above, but is due to a corrupted file in the windows temp directory. Doing a disk cleanup and deleting all temporary files should resolve this problem.

3. Visual Geobase installs and runs, but fails when various functions are invoked. This is likely due to either the Microsoft Data Access Components prerequisite not being installed, or an older version of the Dotnet framework being installed. Try uninstalling your version of the Dotnet framework and upgrading it to version 3.5. Why is this a 200Mb download? Enquire here : moc.tfosorcim|setaG.lliB#moc.tfosorcim|setaG.lliB

Visual Geobase should automatically update itself when an update is available, if you are connected to the internet when you start the program. Problems have been experienced with the automatic updating when third party firewalls installed do not allow Visual Geobase to connect to the installation page to check for updates. If you experience this you need to set the firewall to ALLOW Visual Geobase to check for updates. This has been generally experienced with McAfee firewall. Switching the firewall off, doing the update and then switching the firewall back on gets around this problem.

Software update problems by Steve SavageSteve Savage, 28 Jan 2009 17:47
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