Importing Data

Visual Geobase can import data from CSV, XLS, XLSX and BXF format files.

Import Data From File

This function is used to import data from a text file or spreadsheet into a database table. It is by far the easiest if you make sure all of the required fields are in the target table before you import the data, and that the column headings are the same as the field names.


If the column headings differ from the destination fields, double click the column header and select the correct field.


Import Borehole From File


This function will import a borehole from a previously exported Borehole Exchange Format File.

Import Assay Results


This topic is covered here : Importing Assay Results

Import Core Images


This topic is covered here : Importing Borehole Core Images

If you are using an MS Access database, it is also possible to directly import data using Access' import routines or pasting data directly into the table.

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