Logging Codes

Here's a list of default logging codes within Visual Geobase. (You can of course change these to your own codes)

Type Code Description
AccessoryMinerals AB Albite
AccessoryMinerals AC Acmite
AccessoryMinerals AC Actinolite
AccessoryMinerals AD Andalusite
AccessoryMinerals AG Agate
AccessoryMinerals AG Native Silver
AccessoryMinerals AGT Augite
AccessoryMinerals AL Albite
AccessoryMinerals ALL Allanite
AccessoryMinerals ALM Almandine
AccessoryMinerals ALN Alunite
AccessoryMinerals ALU Alunite
AccessoryMinerals ALUM Alum
AccessoryMinerals AM Amazonite
AccessoryMinerals AM Amphibole
AccessoryMinerals AMB Amber
AccessoryMinerals AMBL Amblygonite
AccessoryMinerals AMP Amphibole
AccessoryMinerals AMT Amethyst
AccessoryMinerals AN Anorthite
AccessoryMinerals AND Andalusite
AccessoryMinerals ANDR Andralite
AccessoryMinerals ANDS Andesine
AccessoryMinerals ANG Anglesite
AccessoryMinerals ANH Anhydrite
AccessoryMinerals ANK Ankerite
AccessoryMinerals ANL Analcite
AccessoryMinerals ANO Anorthite
AccessoryMinerals ANOR Anorthoclase
AccessoryMinerals ANT Anatase
AccessoryMinerals ANT Anthophyllite
AccessoryMinerals ANTG Antigorite
AccessoryMinerals ANX Anauxite
AccessoryMinerals AP Apatite
AccessoryMinerals AR Aragonite
AccessoryMinerals AR Arsenopyrite
AccessoryMinerals ARA Aragonite
AccessoryMinerals ARG Argentite
AccessoryMinerals ARS Arsenopyrite
AccessoryMinerals AT Actinolite
AccessoryMinerals ATT Attapulgite
AccessoryMinerals AU Augite
AccessoryMinerals AU Native Gold
AccessoryMinerals AV Aventurine
AccessoryMinerals AZ Azurite
AccessoryMinerals BA Barite
AccessoryMinerals BAR Barite
AccessoryMinerals BAS Bastnaesite
AccessoryMinerals BAX Bauxite
AccessoryMinerals BE Beryl
AccessoryMinerals BEI Beidellite
AccessoryMinerals BEN Benitoite
AccessoryMinerals BI Biotite
AccessoryMinerals BIS Bismuthinite
AccessoryMinerals BMS Unidentified Sulphide(s)
AccessoryMinerals BN Bornite
AccessoryMinerals BOE Boehmite
AccessoryMinerals BOR Borax
AccessoryMinerals BR Bronzite
AccessoryMinerals BRK Brookite
AccessoryMinerals BRU Brucite
AccessoryMinerals BU Buchite
AccessoryMinerals BY Bytownite
AccessoryMinerals C Graphite
AccessoryMinerals CAL Calcite
AccessoryMinerals CARN Carnallite
AccessoryMinerals CC Calcite
AccessoryMinerals CD Cordierite
AccessoryMinerals CEL Celestite
AccessoryMinerals CER Cerrusite
AccessoryMinerals CH Chalcopyrite
AccessoryMinerals CHA Chlorapatite
AccessoryMinerals CHI Chiastolite
AccessoryMinerals CHL Chlorite
AccessoryMinerals CHLT Chloritoid
AccessoryMinerals CHM Chamosite
AccessoryMinerals CHR Chromite
AccessoryMinerals CHRY Chrysoberyl
AccessoryMinerals CHRYSO Chrysotile
AccessoryMinerals CIN Cinnabar
AccessoryMinerals CL Chlorite
AccessoryMinerals CLC Chalcocite
AccessoryMinerals CLN Clinoenstatite
AccessoryMinerals CO Corundum
AccessoryMinerals COB Cobaltite
AccessoryMinerals COE Coesite
AccessoryMinerals COL Colemanite
AccessoryMinerals COL Columbite
AccessoryMinerals COLM Columbite
AccessoryMinerals COR Corundum
AccessoryMinerals CORD Cordierite
AccessoryMinerals COV Covellite
AccessoryMinerals CPX Clinopyroxene
AccessoryMinerals CR Chromite
AccessoryMinerals CRB Chrysoberyl
AccessoryMinerals CRC Crocidolite
AccessoryMinerals CRC Crocidoloite
AccessoryMinerals CRS Crisobalite
AccessoryMinerals CRY Cryolite
AccessoryMinerals CS Cassiterite
AccessoryMinerals CT Chrysotile
AccessoryMinerals CU Native Copper
AccessoryMinerals CUM Cummingtonite
AccessoryMinerals CUP Cuprite
AccessoryMinerals CZS Clinozoisite
AccessoryMinerals DA Danburite
AccessoryMinerals DI Diopside
AccessoryMinerals DIO Dioptase
AccessoryMinerals DM Diamond
AccessoryMinerals DUM Dumortierite
AccessoryMinerals EN Enstatite
AccessoryMinerals EP Epidote
AccessoryMinerals EU Euclase
AccessoryMinerals FA Fayalite
AccessoryMinerals FC Fuchsite
AccessoryMinerals FO Forsterite
AccessoryMinerals FS Ferrosilite
AccessoryMinerals FT Fluorite
AccessoryMinerals GAL Galena
AccessoryMinerals GB Gibbsite
AccessoryMinerals GO Goethite
AccessoryMinerals GOS Gossan
AccessoryMinerals GP Gypsum
AccessoryMinerals GT Garnet
AccessoryMinerals HA Halite
AccessoryMinerals HBL Hornblende
AccessoryMinerals HE Haematite
AccessoryMinerals HED Hedenbergite
AccessoryMinerals HEM Hemimorphite
AccessoryMinerals HG Native Mercury
AccessoryMinerals HY Hypersthene
AccessoryMinerals IL Ilmenite
AccessoryMinerals JD Jadeite
AccessoryMinerals KA Kaolinite
AccessoryMinerals KP Kaliophilite
AccessoryMinerals KS Kalsilite
AccessoryMinerals KSP Potassium feldspar
AccessoryMinerals KY Kyanite
AccessoryMinerals LAZ Lazulite
AccessoryMinerals LC Leucite
AccessoryMinerals LIM Limonite
AccessoryMinerals LIN Linarite
AccessoryMinerals LP Lepidolite
AccessoryMinerals MA Malachite
AccessoryMinerals MAN Manganite
AccessoryMinerals MAR Marcasite
AccessoryMinerals MGN Magnesite
AccessoryMinerals MIC Microcline
AccessoryMinerals MIL Millerite
AccessoryMinerals MMT Montmorillonite
AccessoryMinerals MO Molybdenite
AccessoryMinerals MON Monazite
AccessoryMinerals MS Muscovite
AccessoryMinerals MT Magnetite
AccessoryMinerals NE Nepheline
AccessoryMinerals OL Olivine
AccessoryMinerals OP Opal
AccessoryMinerals OPX Orthopyroxene
AccessoryMinerals OR Orthoclase
AccessoryMinerals ORP Orpiment
AccessoryMinerals PHE Phenarkite
AccessoryMinerals PHG Phlogopite
AccessoryMinerals PL Plagioclase
AccessoryMinerals PN Pentlandite
AccessoryMinerals PX Pyroxene
AccessoryMinerals PY Pyrite
AccessoryMinerals PYL Pyrolusite
AccessoryMinerals PYM Pyromorphite
AccessoryMinerals PYR Pyrrhotite
AccessoryMinerals PYT Pyrophyllite
AccessoryMinerals QZ Quartz
AccessoryMinerals REL Realgar
AccessoryMinerals RHC Rhodochrosite
AccessoryMinerals RHO Rhodonite
AccessoryMinerals RT Rutile
AccessoryMinerals S Native Sulphur
AccessoryMinerals SCH Scheelite
AccessoryMinerals SEC Sericite
AccessoryMinerals SER Serpentine
AccessoryMinerals SID Siderite
AccessoryMinerals SIL Sillimanite
AccessoryMinerals SK Skutterudite
AccessoryMinerals SO Sodalite
AccessoryMinerals SP Spinel
AccessoryMinerals SPH Sphalerite
AccessoryMinerals SPO Spodumene
AccessoryMinerals STA Staurolite
AccessoryMinerals STB Stibnite
AccessoryMinerals TAL Talc
AccessoryMinerals TAN Tantalite
AccessoryMinerals TIT Titanite
AccessoryMinerals TM Tourmaline
AccessoryMinerals TOP Topaz
AccessoryMinerals TOR Torbernite
AccessoryMinerals TR Tremolite
AccessoryMinerals UL Ulexite
AccessoryMinerals UR Uraninite
AccessoryMinerals VA Vanadinite
AccessoryMinerals VER Vermiculite
AccessoryMinerals WA Wavellite
AccessoryMinerals WO Wollastonite
AccessoryMinerals ZE Zeolite
AccessoryMinerals ZIR Zircon
AccessoryMinerals ZS Zoisite
Alteration AG Advanced Argillic
Alteration AL Albitic
Alteration AL Alunitisation
Alteration AMP Amphibolitisation
Alteration AN Alunitic
Alteration AR Argillic
Alteration BAX Bauxitisation
Alteration BT Biotite
Alteration C Coalification
Alteration CAL Calcification
Alteration CARB Carbonation
Alteration CB Carbonatisation
Alteration CHL Chloritisation
Alteration CHT Chertification
Alteration CL Chloritic
Alteration CL Clastatation
Alteration DC Decarbonatisation
Alteration DL Dolomitisation
Alteration DU Deuteric
Alteration EP Epidote
Alteration FN Fenitic
Alteration FU Fuchsite
Alteration GR Greisenisation
Alteration HD Hydration
Alteration HE Haematite
Alteration HL Hydrolysis
Alteration LE Leaching
Alteration MS Metasomatic
Alteration MT Magnetite
Alteration OX Oxidation
Alteration PH Phyllic
Alteration PR Propylitic
Alteration PT Potassic
Alteration PY Pyrite
Alteration QC Quartz Carbonate
Alteration RD Rodingitization
Alteration SC Sericitic
Alteration SC Silication
Alteration SK Skarn
Alteration SL Silicification
Alteration SP Serpentinisation
Alteration TL Talc
Alteration TO Tourmalinisation
Alteration UR Uralitisation
Alteration WE Weathered
Alteration ZE Zeolitic
AlterationIntensity I Intense/pervasive
AlterationIntensity M Moderate
AlterationIntensity MS Moderate to Strong
AlterationIntensity S Strong
AlterationIntensity W Weak
AlterationIntensity WM Weak to Moderate
ContactType D Discomformity
ContactType E Erosive
ContactType EOH End of Hole
ContactType F Faulted
ContactType G Gradational
ContactType I Indistinct
ContactType IR Irregular
ContactType S Sharp
ContactType SH Sheared
ContactType W Wavy
CoreSize 101 CHD101
CoreSize 76 CHD76
CoreSize AQ AQ
CoreSize AX AX
CoreSize AXM AXM
CoreSize AXT AXT
CoreSize AXU AXU
CoreSize B B
CoreSize BM BM
CoreSize BQ BQ
CoreSize BU BU
CoreSize BX BX
CoreSize BXM BXM
CoreSize BXT BXT
CoreSize BXU BXU
CoreSize EX EX
CoreSize EXM EXM
CoreSize EXT EXT
CoreSize EXU EXU
CoreSize HQ HQ
CoreSize NQ NQ
CoreSize NX NX
CoreSize NXC NXC
CoreSize NXM NXM
CoreSize NXT NXT
CoreSize NXU NXU
CoreSize PQ PQ
CoreSize TAW TAW
CoreSize TBW TBW
CoreSize TEW TEW
CoreSize TNW TNW
CoreSize XRT XRT
DrillingMethod D Diamond
DrillingMethod P Percussion
DrillingMethod RAB Reverse Air Blast
DrillingMethod RC Reverse Circulation
DuplicateType F Field Duplicate
DuplicateType H Half Core
DuplicateType P Pulp Duplicate
DuplicateType Q Quarter Core
GrainSize B Boulders
GrainSize C Coarse
GrainSize CB Cobbles
GrainSize CC Cryptocrystalline
GrainSize F Fine
GrainSize FM Fine to Medium
GrainSize M Medium
GrainSize MC Medium to Coarse
GrainSize PB Pebbles
GrainSize VAR Variable / Mixed
GrainSize VC Very Coarse
GrainSize VF Very Fine
MineralDistribution C Clustered
MineralDistribution D Disseminated
MineralDistribution IR Irregular
MineralDistribution M Massive
MineralDistribution SC Scattered
MineralDistribution ST Stringers
MineralDistribution T Trace
MineralisationStyle B Blebby
MineralisationStyle BO Botryoidal
MineralisationStyle BR Breccia
MineralisationStyle CL Clasts
MineralisationStyle F Vug Filling
MineralisationStyle FC Fracture Controlled
MineralisationStyle L Laminae
MineralisationStyle M Massive
MineralisationStyle P Patchy
MineralisationStyle S Stringers
MineralisationStyle SM Semi-Massive
MineralisationStyle SP Speckled
MineralisationStyle TR Trace
MineralisationType ARG Argentite
MineralisationType ARS Arsenopyrite
MineralisationType AZ Azurite
MineralisationType BN Bornite
MineralisationType CARN Carnotite
MineralisationType CAS Cassiterite
MineralisationType CEL Celestite
MineralisationType CER Cerussite
MineralisationType CH Chalcopyrite
MineralisationType CHL Chalcocite
MineralisationType CHLCN Chalcanthite
MineralisationType CHR Chromite
MineralisationType CHRS Chrysocolla
MineralisationType CHRYSO Chrysotile
MineralisationType CN Cinnabar
MineralisationType CO Cobaltite
MineralisationType COV Covellite
MineralisationType CRC Crocidoloite
MineralisationType CUP Cuprite
MineralisationType NCU Native Copper
MineralisationType1 ARG Argentite
MineralisationType1 ARS Arsenopyrite
MineralisationType1 AZ Azurite
MineralisationType1 BN Bornite
MineralisationType1 CARN Carnotite
MineralisationType1 CAS Cassiterite
MineralisationType1 CEL Celestite
MineralisationType1 CER Cerussite
MineralisationType1 CH Chalcopyrite
MineralisationType1 CHL Chalcocite
MineralisationType1 CHLCN Chalcanthite
MineralisationType1 CHR Chromite
MineralisationType1 CHRS Chrysocolla
MineralisationType1 CHRYSO Chrysotile
MineralisationType1 CN Cinnabar
MineralisationType1 CO Cobaltite
MineralisationType1 COV Covellite
MineralisationType1 CRC Crocidoloite
MineralisationType1 CUP Cuprite
MineralisationType1 NCU Native Copper
Qualifier A Albite
Qualifier AN Ankerite
Qualifier AR Arenaceous
Qualifier ARG Argillaceous
Qualifier ARGT Argentiferous
Qualifier ARK Arkosic
Qualifier AU Auriferous
Qualifier AUR Auriferous
Qualifier B Biotite
Qualifier BA Banded
Qualifier BAC Bacteriogenic
Qualifier BI Bituminous
Qualifier BR Sedimentary Breccia
Qualifier C Cerucite
Qualifier CAB Carbonaceous
Qualifier CAL Calcareous
Qualifier CAL Calcarious
Qualifier CAR Carbonaceous
Qualifier CAR Carbonate
Qualifier CAV Cavernous
Qualifier CH Chlorite
Qualifier CL Clayey
Qualifier COL Colloform
Qualifier COLU Columnar
Qualifier COM Competent
Qualifier CS Clast Supported
Qualifier DOL Dolomitised
Qualifier F Feldspathic
Qualifier FE Ferruginous
Qualifier FER Ferruginous
Qualifier FIS Fissile
Qualifier FU Fuchsitic
Qualifier GA Gravelly
Qualifier GP Graphitic
Qualifier GT Gritty
Qualifier MC Magnesite
Qualifier MIC Micaceous
Qualifier MN Manganiferous
Qualifier MS Matrix Supported
Qualifier MU Muscovite
Qualifier PEG Pegmatitic
Qualifier PM Polymict
Qualifier Q Quartz
Qualifier S Spotted
Qualifier SD Sandy
Qualifier SI Siliceous
Qualifier SIL Siliceous
Qualifier SIL Silicified
Qualifier ST Silty
Qualifier SUL Sulphurous
Qualifier T Talcose
Qualifier V Vuggy
Qualifier2 A Albite
Qualifier2 AN Ankerite
Qualifier2 AR Arenaceous
Qualifier2 ARG Argillaceous
Qualifier2 ARGT Argentiferous
Qualifier2 ARK Arkosic
Qualifier2 AU Auriferous
Qualifier2 AUR Auriferous
Qualifier2 B Biotite
Qualifier2 BA Banded
Qualifier2 BAC Bacteriogenic
Qualifier2 BI Bituminous
Qualifier2 BR Sedimentary Breccia
Qualifier2 C Cerucite
Qualifier2 CAB Carbonaceous
Qualifier2 CAL Calcareous
Qualifier2 CAL Calcarious
Qualifier2 CAR Carbonaceous
Qualifier2 CAR Carbonate
Qualifier2 CAV Cavernous
Qualifier2 CH Chlorite
Qualifier2 CL Clayey
Qualifier2 COL Colloform
Qualifier2 COLU Columnar
Qualifier2 COM Competent
Qualifier2 CS Clast Supported
Qualifier2 DOL Dolomitised
Qualifier2 F Feldspathic
Qualifier2 FE Ferruginous
Qualifier2 FER Ferruginous
Qualifier2 FIS Fissile
Qualifier2 FU Fuchsitic
Qualifier2 GA Gravelly
Qualifier2 GP Graphitic
Qualifier2 GT Gritty
Qualifier2 MC Magnesite
Qualifier2 MIC Micaceous
Qualifier2 MN Manganiferous
Qualifier2 MS Matrix Supported
Qualifier2 MU Muscovite
Qualifier2 PEG Pegmatitic
Qualifier2 PM Polymict
Qualifier2 Q Quartz
Qualifier2 S Spotted
Qualifier2 SD Sandy
Qualifier2 SI Siliceous
Qualifier2 SIL Siliceous
Qualifier2 SIL Silicified
Qualifier2 ST Silty
Qualifier2 SUL Sulphurous
Qualifier2 T Talcose
Qualifier2 V Vuggy
Qualifier3 A Albite
Qualifier3 AN Ankerite
Qualifier3 AR Arenaceous
Qualifier3 ARG Argillaceous
Qualifier3 ARGT Argentiferous
Qualifier3 ARK Arkosic
Qualifier3 AU Auriferous
Qualifier3 AUR Auriferous
Qualifier3 B Biotite
Qualifier3 BA Banded
Qualifier3 BAC Bacteriogenic
Qualifier3 BI Bituminous
Qualifier3 BR Sedimentary Breccia
Qualifier3 C Cerucite
Qualifier3 CAB Carbonaceous
Qualifier3 CAL Calcareous
Qualifier3 CAL Calcarious
Qualifier3 CAR Carbonaceous
Qualifier3 CAR Carbonate
Qualifier3 CAV Cavernous
Qualifier3 CH Chlorite
Qualifier3 CL Clayey
Qualifier3 COL Colloform
Qualifier3 COLU Columnar
Qualifier3 COM Competent
Qualifier3 CS Clast Supported
Qualifier3 DOL Dolomitised
Qualifier3 F Feldspathic
Qualifier3 FE Ferruginous
Qualifier3 FER Ferruginous
Qualifier3 FIS Fissile
Qualifier3 FU Fuchsitic
Qualifier3 GA Gravelly
Qualifier3 GP Graphitic
Qualifier3 GT Gritty
Qualifier3 MC Magnesite
Qualifier3 MIC Micaceous
Qualifier3 MN Manganiferous
Qualifier3 MS Matrix Supported
Qualifier3 MU Muscovite
Qualifier3 PEG Pegmatitic
Qualifier3 PM Polymict
Qualifier3 Q Quartz
Qualifier3 S Spotted
Qualifier3 SD Sandy
Qualifier3 SI Siliceous
Qualifier3 SIL Siliceous
Qualifier3 SIL Silicified
Qualifier3 ST Silty
Qualifier3 SUL Sulphurous
Qualifier3 T Talcose
Qualifier3 V Vuggy
Rock Type A Arkose
Rock Type B Breccia
Rock Type BP Polymict Breccia
Rock Type CA Calcite
Rock Type CG Conglomarate
Rock Type CHT Chert / Dolomitic chert
Rock Type CL Core Loss
Rock Type DMP Dump Material
Rock Type DOL Dolomite
Rock Type DR Diorite
Rock Type FPEG Felsic pegmatite
Rock Type GN Gniess
Rock Type GR Granite
Rock Type LAT Laterite
Rock Type LM Limestone
Rock Type MCAR Metacarbonates / Marble
Rock Type QT Quartzite
Rock Type QZ Quartz
Rock Type S Shear
Rock Type SH Shale
Rock Type SL Soil
Rock Type SLT Slate / Phyllite / Schist
Rock Type SS Sandstone
Rock Type ST Siltstone
Rock Type T Talc
RockType AD Adamellite
RockType AFGR Alkali feldspar granite
RockType AFRHY Alkali feldspar rhyolite
RockType AFSY Alkali feldspar syenite
RockType AFTRA Alkali feldspar trachyte
RockType AG Agglomerate
RockType AL Alabaster
RockType ALB Albitite
RockType ALS Alaskite
RockType AMP Amphibolite
RockType AN Anorthosite
RockType AN Anthracite
RockType AND Andesite
RockType ANT Anatectite
RockType ANT Anthraxolite
RockType ANTP Antiperthite
RockType APL Aplite
RockType AR Arenite
RockType ARG Argillite
RockType ARK Arkose
RockType ART Arterite
RockType ASP Asphalt
RockType BA Basalt
RockType BAS Basalt
RockType BAT Basanite
RockType BAX Bauxite
RockType BEN Benmoreite
RockType BI Bitumen
RockType BIF Banded Iron Formation
RockType BIF Banded ironstone (BIF)
RockType BIO Biolithite
RockType BIOM Biomicrite
RockType BIOS Biosparite
RockType BK Backfill
RockType BL Blueschist
RockType BNT Bentonite
RockType BR Breccia
RockType BREC Breccia
RockType BRZ Bronzitite
RockType BSC Blueschist
RockType C Coal
RockType CALCR Calcrete
RockType CALCS Calc-Silicate
RockType CALSH Calc-Schist
RockType CAN Cannel Coal
RockType CAR Carbonatite
RockType CAT Cataclasite
RockType CAV Cave Breccia
RockType CBAN Chromite bearing anorthosite
RockType CBCPX Chromite bearing clinopyroxenite
RockType CBDUN Chromite bearing dunite
RockType CBG Chromite bearing gabbro
RockType CBHAR Chromite bearing harzburgite
RockType CBN Chromite bearing norite
RockType CBOCPX Chromite bearing olivine clinopyroxenite
RockType CBOOPX Chromite bearing olivine orthopyroxenite
RockType CBOPX Chromite bearing orthopyroxenite
RockType CBPCPX Chromite bearing plagioclase clinopyroxenite
RockType CBPDUN Chromite bearing plagioclase dunite
RockType CBPOPX Chromite bearing plagioclase orthopyroxenite
RockType CBWEB Chromite bearing websterite
RockType CBWER Chromite bearing wehrlite
RockType CCPX Chromite clinopyroxenite
RockType CDUN Chromite dunite
RockType CGN Chromite gabbronorite
RockType CHAL Chalk
RockType CHK Chalk
RockType CHN Charnockite
RockType CHR Chromitite
RockType CHT Chert
RockType CL Clay
RockType CLAN Coal, anthracite
RockType CLBT Coal, bituminous
RockType CLCA Calcarenite
RockType CLCL Calcilucite
RockType CLCM Calcimicrite
RockType CLCR Calcirudite
RockType CLCS Calcisiltite
RockType CLS Claystone
RockType CLYS Claystone
RockType CMP Camptonite
RockType CN Chromite norite
RockType CNC Cancrinite
RockType COL Colluvium
RockType COM Comendite
RockType CON Conglomerate
RockType COPX Chromite orthopyroxenite
RockType COQ Coquina
RockType CPX Clinopyroxenite
RockType CPXC Clinopyroxene chromitite
RockType CPXGN Clinopyroxene gabbronorite
RockType CPXMT Clinopyroxene magnetitite
RockType CR Chromitite
RockType CRB Crush Breccia
RockType CTRO Chromite troctolite
RockType DAC Dacite
RockType DCHT Dolomitic chert
RockType DMAR Dolomitic marble
RockType DOL Dolomite
RockType DR Diorite
RockType DUN Dunite
RockType ECG Eclogite
RockType EOVB Eluvial overburden
RockType FBAFSY Foid bearing alkali feldspar syenite
RockType FBAFT Foid bearing alkali feldspar trachyte
RockType FBAN Foid bearing anorthosite
RockType FBAT Basanitic foidite
RockType FBDR Foid bearing diorite
RockType FBG Foid bearing gabbro
RockType FBLAT Foid bearing latite
RockType FBMD Foid bearing monzonite
RockType FBMDR Foid bearing monzodiorite
RockType FBSY Foid bearing syenite
RockType FBTRA Foid bearing trachyte
RockType FCH Schist, Felsic-Intermediate
RockType FD Foidite
RockType FDL Foidolite
RockType FDR Foid diorite
RockType FGN Gneiss, Felsic-Intermediate
RockType FLN Flint
RockType FLT Flint
RockType FMDR Foid monzodiorite
RockType FMSY Foid monzosyenite
RockType FPEG Felsic replacement pegmatite
RockType FSY Foid syenite
RockType G Gabbro
RockType GAS Gas
RockType GD Granodiorite
RockType GN Gabbronorite
RockType GN Gneiss
RockType GOS Gossan
RockType GPR Granophyre
RockType GR Granite
RockType GRE Greenstone
RockType GRF Granofels
RockType GRT Granulite
RockType GRW Graywacke
RockType GSC Greenschist
RockType GYP Gypsum
RockType HAR Harzburgite
RockType HBL Hornblendite
RockType HE Haematite / Haematitite
RockType HFL Hornfels
RockType HPER Hornblende peridotite
RockType HPX Hornblende pyroxenite
RockType IPEG Intermediate replacement pegmatite
RockType KIM Kimberlite
RockType KMT Komatiite
RockType LAM Lamprophyre
RockType LAT Laterite
RockType LAT Latite
RockType LER Lherzolite
RockType LEU Leucitite
RockType LIG Lignite
RockType LIM Limestone
RockType LIN Limonite
RockType LPT Lamproite
RockType MAR Marble
RockType MBAN Magnetite bearing anorthosite
RockType MBCPX Magnetite bearing clinopyroxenite
RockType MBDUN Magnetite bearing dunite
RockType MBG Magnetite bearing gabbro
RockType MBHAR Magnetite bearing harzburgite
RockType MBN Magnetite bearing norite
RockType MBOCPX Magnetite bearing olivine clinopyroxenite
RockType MBOOPC Magnetite bearing olivine orthopyroxenite
RockType MBOPX Magnetite bearing orthopyroxenite
RockType MBPCPX Magnetite bearing plagioclase clinopyroxenite
RockType MBPDUN Magnetite bearing plagioclase dunite
RockType MBPOPX Magnetite bearing plagioclase orthopyroxenite
RockType MBWEB Magnetite bearing websterite
RockType MBWER Magnetite bearing wehrlite
RockType MCH Schist, Mafic-Ultramafic
RockType MCPX Magnetite clinopyroxenite
RockType MDR Magnetite diorite
RockType MDUN Magnetite dunite
RockType MEL Melilitolite
RockType MGN Gneiss, Mafic-Ultramafic
RockType MGN Magnetite gabbronorite
RockType MIC Dolerite / Microgabbro
RockType MIC Micrite
RockType MIG Migmatite
RockType MN Magnetite norite
RockType MNZ Monzonite
RockType MODR Magnetite olivine diorite
RockType MOPX Magnetite orthopyroxenite
RockType MPEG Mafic replacement pegmatite
RockType MT Magnetitite
RockType MTRO Magnetite troctolite
RockType MUD Mudstone
RockType MYL Mylonite
RockType MZG Monzogabbro
RockType N Norite
RockType OCPX Olivine clinopyroxenite
RockType OCR Olivine chromitite
RockType ODR Olivine diorite
RockType OG Olivine gabbro
RockType OHBL Olivine hornblendite
RockType OHPX Olivine hornblende pyroxenite
RockType OIL Oil
RockType OLPX Olivine pyroxenite
RockType OMT Olivine magnetitite
RockType ON Olivine norite
RockType OOPX Olivine orthopyroxenite
RockType OPX Orthopyroxenite
RockType OPXCR Orthopyroxene chromitite
RockType OPXGN Orthopyroxene gabbronorite
RockType OPXHBL Olivine pyroxene hornblendite
RockType OPXMT Orthopyroxene magnetitite
RockType OVB Soil / laterite overburden
RockType OVBS Soil / laterite OVB (stoney)
RockType OWEB Olivine websterite
RockType PBAT Phonolitic basanite
RockType PCCPX Plagioclase chromite clinopyroxenite
RockType PCOPX Plagioclase chromite orthopyroxenite
RockType PCPX Plagioclase clinopyroxenite
RockType PDUN Plagioclase dunite
RockType PEAT Peat
RockType PEG Pegmatite
RockType PER Peridotite
RockType PFD Phonolitic foidite
RockType PHAR Plagioclase harzburgite
RockType PHBL Pyroxene hornblendite
RockType PHL Phyllite
RockType PHO Phonolite
RockType PHPER Pyroxene hornblende peridotite
RockType PKPAN Poikilokilidic pyroxene anorthosite
RockType PMCPX Plagioclase magnetite clinopyroxenite
RockType PMOPX Plagioclase magnetite orthopyroxenite
RockType POCPX Plagioclase olivine clinopyroxenite
RockType POOPX Plagioclase olivine orthopyroxenite
RockType POPX Plagioclase orthopyroxenite
RockType PPAN Poikilitic pyroxene anorthosite
RockType PPER Pyroxene peridotite
RockType PPX Parapyroxdenite
RockType PRPAN Protokilidic pyroxene anorthosite
RockType PTEP Phonolitic tephrite
RockType PWEB Plagioclase websterite
RockType PWER Plagioclase wehrlite
RockType PX Pyroxenite
RockType QAFSY Quartz alkali feldspar syenite
RockType QAFTRA Quartz alkali feldspar trachyte
RockType QAN Quartz anorthosite
RockType QDR Quartz diorite
RockType QG Quartz gabbro
RockType QGR Quartz granite
RockType QLAT Quartz latite
RockType QMNZ Quartz monzonite
RockType QMZG Quartz monzogabbro
RockType QSY Quartz syenite
RockType QTRA Quartz trachyte
RockType QZ Quartz
RockType QZA Quartz: Au-bearing
RockType QZL Quartzolite
RockType QZMD Quartz monzodiorite
RockType QZT Quartzite
RockType RHY Rhyolite
RockType SALT Rock Salt
RockType SANA Sandstone Arkose
RockType SANQ Sandstone Quartz
RockType SCH Schist
RockType SER Serpentinite
RockType SHL Shale
RockType SIL Siltsone
RockType SKN Skarn
RockType SLT Slate
RockType SOP Soapstone
RockType SY Syenite
RockType TAL Talc
RockType TEP Tephrite
RockType TFD Tephritic foidite
RockType TIL Tillite
RockType TON Tonalite
RockType TPHO Tephritic phonolite
RockType TRA Trachyte
RockType TRAV Travertine
RockType TRO Troctolite
RockType UCLY Unconsolidated clay
RockType UGRV Unconsolidated gravel
RockType UMUD Unconsolidated mud
RockType UPEG Ultramafic replacement pegmatite
RockType USAN Unconsolidated sand
RockType USIL Unconsolidated silt
RockType WEB Websterite
RockType WER Wehrlite
RockType ZDR Monzodiorite
Roundness A Angular
Roundness R Rounded
Roundness SA Sub-Angular
Roundness SR Sub-Rounded
SedimentaryStructure CB Cross bedding
SedimentaryStructure CL Convolute lamination
SedimentaryStructure CON Concretions
SedimentaryStructure CU Coarsening upwards
SedimentaryStructure DC Dessication cracks
SedimentaryStructure FB Flaser bedding
SedimentaryStructure FM Flute marks
SedimentaryStructure FU Fining upwards
SedimentaryStructure GB Graded bedding
SedimentaryStructure LB Lenticular bedding
SedimentaryStructure LS Load structures
SedimentaryStructure STR Slump structures
SedimentaryStructure STY Styolites
StructureType B Bedding
StructureType BR Brecciated
StructureType F Foliation
StructureType FA Fault
StructureType FD Folding/Folded
StructureType FR Fracture
StructureType J Joint
StructureType LF Linear Fabric
StructureType S Shear
StructureType SH Shearing
StructureType V Vein
Texture ACI Acicular
Texture ADC Adcumulate
Texture AM Amorphous
Texture AMG Amygdaloidal
Texture AMOR Amorphous
Texture AMY Amygdaloidal
Texture AN Anhedral
Texture ANI Anisotropic
Texture AP Aphanitic
Texture APH Aphanitic
Texture APL Aplitic
Texture ARE Arenaceous
Texture ARG Argillaceous
Texture AUG Augen
Texture BA Banded
Texture BAN Banded
Texture BE Bedded
Texture BI Bioclastic
Texture BO Botryoidal
Texture BOT Botryoidal
Texture BREC Brecciated
Texture CAL Calcareous
Texture CATA Cataclastic
Texture CHR Chrystaline
Texture CHRB Crystaloblastic
Texture CLAS Clastic
Texture COL Columnar
Texture COLF Colloform
Texture CON Contact Zone
Texture COR Corona
Texture CRB Crossbedded
Texture CRN Crenulated
Texture CRUF Crustiform
Texture CRY Cryptocrystalline
Texture CRYS Crystalline
Texture CSUP Clast Supported
Texture CUM Cumulate
Texture DEN Dendritic
Texture DIAT Diatomous
Texture EQG Equigranular
Texture EUT Eutaxitic
Texture FEL Felsophyric
Texture FIB Fibrous
Texture FIS Fissile
Texture FOL Foliated
Texture FOSS Fossiliferous
Texture GLAS Glassy
Texture GNE Gneissic
Texture GPOR Glomeroporphyritic
Texture GRAB Granoblastic
Texture GRAF Graphic
Texture GRAN Granular
Texture GRAP Granophyric
Texture HAR Harrisitic
Texture HOH Holohayline
Texture HOL Holocrystalline
Texture HYA Hyalophitic
Texture HYC Hypocrystalline
Texture IEQG Inequigranular
Texture KEL
Texture LAM
Texture LAY Layered
Texture LITP Lithophysic
Texture MEC Mesocumulate
Texture MIA Miarolitic
Texture MSUP Matrix Supported
Texture MYL Mylonitic
Texture MYR Myrmekitic
Texture NOD Nodular
Texture OBC Obicular
Texture OCL Ocellar
Texture OOL Oolitic
Texture OPH Ophitic
Texture ORB Orbicular
Texture ORC Orthocumulate
Texture ORG Organic
Texture PAT Paratxitic
Texture PEG Pegmatoidal
Texture PHA Phaneritic
Texture PIL Pillowed
Texture PKK Poikilokilidic
Texture PLCA Protoclastic
Texture POIK Poikilitic
Texture POL Polymictic
Texture POR Porphyritic
Texture PORB Porphyroblastic
Texture PORC Porphyroclastic
Texture PROT Protokilidic
Texture PUM Pumiceous
Texture RUD Rudaceous
Texture SAC Saccaharoidal
Texture SCH Schistose
Texture SCO Scoriaceous
Texture SNU Snuffbox
Texture SOPH Subophitic
Texture SPE Spherulitic
Texture SPIN Spinifex
Texture TUF Tuffaceous
Texture U Unconsolidated
Texture VAL Variolitic
Texture VARI Varitextured
Texture VEIN Veined
Texture VES Vesicular
Texture VIT Vitriphyric
Texture XEN Xenolithic
Weathering F Fresh
Weathering TR Transitional
Weathering W
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