Munsell Colours

The Munsell colours are often used for soils and rock colour logging. For further information see here : Wikipedia and The Color of Soil.

Visual Geobase Munsell Colour Legend

Download : Legend (zip file)

Notes : The zip file contains a set of bitmaps covering most of the common colours (4700 files).

How to Install

1. Download the zip file and unzip the contents to My Documents/Visual Geobase Files/Legends/Bitmaps

2. Add a field to your lithology table called MunsellColour to capture the colour codes.

3. On the datasheet select 'Format Cells' to colour the cells


4. You should now see this:


5. The colours can also be viewed on a graphical log. Click here for Graphical Logcreating-a-graphical-log

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