Visual Geobase User Newsletters

Visual Geobase Jan 2013 Newsletter.pdf : Coal Wash Simulation and Q-Q plots.

Visual Geobase April 2013 Newsletter.pdf : Core log images, embedded documents.

Visual Geobase June 2013 Newsletter.pdf : Compositing.

Visual Geobase Oct 2013 Newsletter.pdf : Data validation.

Visual Geobase Jan 2014 Newsletter.pdf : Graphical borehole log enhancements.

Visual Geobase March 2015 Newsletter.pdf : 3D Viewer, sections.

Visual Geobase Feb 2016 Newsletter.pdf : Structural angles and tadpole plots.

Visual Geobase July 2016 Newsletter.pdf : Statistics for CRMs.

Visual Geobase March 2017 Newsletter.pdf : Compound Logging Codes.

Visual Geobase August 2017 Newsletter.pdf : .bxf Import and Export Enhancements. Cloud Databases Microsoft Azure

Visual Geobase April 2018 Newsletter.pdf : Datagrid enhancements.

Visual Geobase February 2018 Newsletter.pdf : Storing images in the database.

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