Time Dependent Variables

Working With Time Dependent Variables

Visual Geobase supports the use of time dependent variables for recording things like daily drilling metres, water depth monitoring or any other variable that changes with time.

Example - Water Depth Monitoring

1. The first step it to create a table using a template.

Open the database you want to create the table in. Click Tools-Database-New Table-From Template-Time Dependent Data


2. Enter the table name to be created.


If you now look under any borehole you will find the new table you have created


3. Add the fields to contain the data that you want to store.

We will now add a field called 'WaterDepth' to the table.

Click Tools-Database-Add Field To Table


Enter the new field name and type.


You may now add as many additional fields as required to store data like pumping rate, pumping hours, water quality and so on.

4. Once you have added all of the fields, open or reload the datasheet and you may now enter the data.


5. The data can also now be viewed as a graph if required, or copied and pasted into a report or spreadsheet for further processing.

To view a graph of the data, right click on the datasheet name.


Select the borehole, table and field names as required.


Click OK

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